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These Guys Have No Hope In Escaping From The Friendzone

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It’s a toughie. The greatest fear of all is to find yourself stuck in the friend zone.

friend zone level ryan reynolds

Well explained Ryan; the friend zone is a place that lacks in dignity and revels in jealousy, longing, ridicule and frustration.

It is a dark dark place.

We take a look at situations in which escaping from has become pretty much impossible. These poor souls have no hope…

friend zone chair level

As if being a chair was bad enough, these guys are gaming.

friend zone chair gaming

Upgrade from chair to bridge, extreme effort in the friend zone furniture realm…

friend zone bridge level

He’s right by the door, wonder if he would be classed as a priority seat?

friend zone chair underground

Award for most inventive use of the friend-as-prop category goes to…

friend zone wall climbing



This guy really needs to take a hint.

friend zone level boy girls group

So should this guy…

friend zone boobs hug embarrassing

I feel he brought the friend zone upon himself.

friend zone level bra dress up

Note to potential friend zone transitioners, do not show off hair styling skills

friend zone hair braid

Displaying strength is better

friend zone level carry

But not in this sense; laptops are not heavy enough to warrant attraction through manliness

friend zone level laptop

And this is the ultimate no no, hardly a weight lifting display.  Just look at his face, he knows it’s over

friend zone handbag

Tummy sinkingly harsh

friend zone level text rejection

So much sympathy for this guy, and it’s gone public….even more sympathy for him!

friend zone bikini tie help

At least he would’ve got some enjoyment out of the bikini, whereas this poor boy doesn’t even have that

friend zone level tie shoes

As if you needed any more confirmation of being a FRIEND and ONLY a FRIEND, you celebrate just how long you’ve been JUST a FRIEND for

friend zone anniversary Facebook celebrate level

Pure tease

friend zone photo Facebook instagram level

At least it’s more exciting than this

friend zone compact mirror shoulder rest

Here’s a conundrum, for both men and women – if a girl says she’d marry you, there’s no way in hell she’s going to date you.  Makes sense right?

friend zone Facebook level public

Massive round of applause to this amazing FRIEND

friend zone level shoulder ride kiss another man

Want to be more than friends?  What like best friends? 

friend zone level battle field army command



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