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Halloween Costume Ideas for Women


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I think it’s fair to say that women have it hard when it comes to Halloween costume ideas. Not only do you need the right amount of scare, but your outfit has to look sexy too. Halloween is just around the corner and when you factor in delivery times now is the time to choose your costume. 

This year we host a Haunted Circus event @ Love and Liquor and our good friends at Escapade.com have been kind enough to give a 15% discount to customers using the code ‘hauntedcircus13’. Taking that into account I’ll guide you through some underrated gems lurking on the website and hopefully provide 1 less headache for you this October.

Zombie Bride Costume

Pre-Discount Price: £28.99

Visit here for costume


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All men are scared of marriage so what better way to put the fright into a guy than turning up in your wedding dress. Add a bit of fake blood and your be good to go. This outfit comes complete with dress and veil.

Great thing about this: You can wear white without fear of spilling something on it…just say it’s part of the look!

Only Problem: A lot of make-up needed to give the right fright.

Female Pumpkin Costume

Pre-Discount Price: £27.99

Visit here for costume

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Ah isn’t that cute! Pumpkins are extremely fitting with this time of year so although lacking in fear factor your still on topic. Your need to accessorize but when has that ever been a problem? Outfit includes top, skirt and cumberbund. 

Great thing about this: With those bright colours the barman can’t miss you meaning speedy service for the pumpkin lady.

Only Problem: It’s a bit wide so you may end up looking like a coke bottle on steroids. Also shoulder pads aren’t ideal for a lady.

Catwoman Costume, Grand Heritage

Pre-Discount Price: £199.99

Visit Here for Costume

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Ok so it’s a tad on the expensive side but ask yourself, can you really put a price on making yourself look incredible? There is no denying that cat-woman oozes sex appeal and this is the kind of costume people would be talking about for years! Costume comes with jumpsuit, boot tops, mask and belt.

Great thing about this: Women want be her, men want to be with her. Enough said.

Only Problem: It’s a £200 cat-woman costume! What are you thinking; move on immediately!

Sexy Ghostbusters Costume With Skirt

Pre-Discount Price: £35.99

Visit Here for Costume


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Who you ‘gonna’ call…Ghostbusters! One of my personal favourites on this list I’ll be buying a drink for any Ghostbuster I see come Halloween. Low cut top, short skirt and knee high boots when else could you dress like this and get away with it? Outfit comes with dress, cap, belt and backpack.

Great thing about this: There are bound to be a fair share of Ghosts in the venue making for some great showdowns.

Only Problem: With everything on show your need to be in tip-top shape. 

Gothic Swan Costume

Pre-Discount Price: £27.99

Visit Here For Costume

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Make Mila Kunis proud by dressing up as a Gothic Swan. This outfit certainly ticks the originality box and such an outfit could lead to some great dance moves in the club! Outfit comes with dress only. 

Great thing about this: You get to dance around like a ballerina.

Only Problem: You will instantly be compared to Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman two of the most beautiful women in the world, good luck.

Teletubbies Laa Laa Costume Deluxe

Pre-Discount Price: £47.99

Visit Here for Costumes

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Without doubt the greatest Telly Tubby of all time Laa Laa is the outfit for anyone a bit crazy. Of course it’s not very Halloween but coming from a man who previously went as both Duffman and the Honey Monster what else could you expect. Outfit comes with Jumpsuit, head, gloves and shoe covers.

Great thing about this: Wearing this in a club will double up as both a costume and a fantastic work out. Think how many pounds you will sweat off.

Only Problem: Your vocabulary for the night will be pretty limited if you choose to stay in character



And there you have it 6 brilliant Halloween ideas for all you ladies. Feel free to browse the website for more ideas and remember the crazier the better. Tweet @xclusivetouch with your outfit suggestions if you find any gems! See you all on the 31st October!

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