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Halloween costumes to wear and not to wear

YesSS !!! The time of the year has finally arrived. looking like an idiot is valid. Halloween is not only for kids anymore, its about how crazy your outfit is and any excuse for males to put on make up . The most talked about halloween parties are obviously with xclusivetouch, so Julian thought he would give you breakdown of outfits to wear and not to wear. You don’t want to enter our halloween party looking like a nobody. So to prepare yourself, he is a bit harsh on his ratings.

6 costumes not to wear halloween

1. Firstly its best to stay from the most typical outfits eg Vampires – Julian rating 3/ 10

vampires, xclusivetouch , halloween,


2. Zombies stay away from them, they are honestly the most unappreciated halloween outfits julian rating 4 / 10

zombies, xclusivetouch, halloween

3. The Mummy – don’t even get me started with this one . 2 / 10

the mummys, xclusivetouch

4. A Witch – Typical costume 4 / 10

the witches, xclusivetouch , halloweem

5. Just putting make up on  – rubbish julian rating 2 / 10

halloween, xclusivetouch, fashion

6. Go as yourself – 1 / 10 .  if you really can’t find something to wear, well at least you tried

halloween, xclusivetouch, london, happy face

Last year I was very impressed with the amount of people that actually made an effort with their costumes. Below is a list of 5 of the best outfits on the night, just to give you a bit of inspiration .

Inspiration Outfits 

1. Duff man – last year robbie rockstar gained a few points with this outfit Julian Rating 7 / 10

duff man, xclusivetouch , halloween

robbie rockstar, halloween, costumes, xclusivetouch

2. Julian went as Bane – Julian rating 10/10

bane, halloween, xclusivetouch, london

3. Venom outfit was cool – Julian Rating 6/10

halloween, costumes, xclusivetouch

4. Evil Jester was okay, worn by Ollie – Julian Rating 5/10

halloween, xclusivetouch, costume, evil jester

5.  Possessed Priest was okay 4 / 10

prince evrard, xclusivetouch

This year it’s time to step it up and believe it or not it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. We’ve teamed up with Angels Fancy Dress who have kindly offered a 15% discount with the code FANGS15 both in-store and online

We want Halloween this year to be a memorable one, so please make an effort this year you don’t want to  end up being left out.

happy halloween, xclusivetouch,

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