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The Hangover

We’ve all woken up after a heavy night, feeling worse for wear. You know the feeling; your heads banging, your mouths dry, every sound coming into your room sounds like its blazing full volume out of your speakers, to put it simply you feel like death! You lay in bed spread eagle trying to remember what exactly happened last night, probably wondering how you even got home.

Without opening your eyes you instinctively reach for the glass of water on you bedside table and its only the hangover gods that stop you from knocking the glass over and having to deal with cleaning up broken glass before you’ve even got out of bed! You thank these gods as you sit up and down the water even faster that you were downing the shots at the bar last night. It’s now that last nights memories start trickling back and the feeling that follows is summed up in a couple of keys on blackberry.

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This is when I usually lay back down, assume the foetal positions and promise myself that I’m done with drinking! I’ll start my next detox; I’ll avoid alcohol at social functions, stay clear of nights out and even force myself to drink green tea at least twice a day! Just me? Doubt it! If I’d received a penny for every time I’d seen a status on Facebook or twitter that promised a detox starting Monday morning I’d probably have enough cash to fund a cheeky couple of pints midweek (probably about 4 days into my detox).

So perhaps the detox didn’t quite work, but aside from the sensible options of not drinking that much in the first place, a definitive hangover cure is very much needed!

This is where you guys come in! I’m pretty much willing to try any hangover cure you guys suggest, well within reason!

Tweet us your best/weirdest hangover cures with the hashtag #hangovercures and you could WIN a VIP package worth £500 at one of our club nights either at Shakazulu on Friday 21st of June or at Rise Super Club on Saturday 22nd of June. We will announce the winner at 6pm on Sunday 17th of June.

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