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What happens on holiday stays on holiday

What happens on holiday stays on holiday.

Its’ finally summer! After months of wrapping up and having a brolly permanently reside in your handbag (for some of you guys READ man-bags) to guard you from the English showers., what better way to celebrate then by flying off to holiday in the sun with all your friends?
Now we all know all the promises that comes with these holidays; for girls it’s to forget about boys and have a girly holiday, for boys it’s to get away for a lads break and forget about all the drama that girls bring.

Yet for some reason these rules vanish the moment you step off the plane and land on foreign soil. You drink too much & leave your dignity at the hotel room (or someone else’s hotel room ;-)). Secretly, we all hope to find a holiday romance [fling] so what do you need to get “lucky” abroad?

Now for most of us you, the summer holidays often come after a long winter spent sitting on your ass, eating and drinking the cold away. So before you board that plane, make sure you shape up and give those parts of you that haven’t seen the light of day in a while a bit of your attention. Yes that.

What happens on holiday stays on holiday, xclusivetouch, music, london, parties

Once you get to your dream destination, make sure you soak up as much sun as you can before you go on the pursuit. Don’t go looking too hard though or you’ll end up resembling la salivating dog.

Once you’ve found a target, drown yourself and the lucky guy/girl in one too many Pina Coladas and try something different. Remember you will probably never see this person again so you can have the weirdest craziest night ever and never feel embarrassed about it since you’ll never have to look at their face again. So forget the hotel room and head for the sea!

And remember, everyone is there for the same reason – to have fun! So don’t expect a ring at the end of your holiday. But who knows maybe you’re more similar than you think and could even outlast your summer tan. After all, you both chose the same destination, the same club, at the same time and you both chose each other.

So this summer if you’re looking for a holiday fling or even just to get away, don’t beat around the bush, go for it! You can be the person you’ve always wanted to be! And If you’re having no luck, there’s always a bar near to drown your sorrows.

What happens on holiday stays on holiday, xclusivetouch, music, london, parties

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