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Hilarious 'Tinder-ella' video is scarily accurate…

We’re all familiar with Tinder at this stage. If you haven’t used it, you’re certainly going to be aware of the power it holds over our generation at the moment. Whether it is a series of casual hook ups or simply the sheer need to get your end away within one mile of your immediate location, Tinder definitely has a large portion of the smartphone using populous by the bollocks.

Tinderella retells the classic fairytale by inserting the app in place of that ol’ crystal slipper. Ok, so it’s not quite Disney but it’s not so removed from reality that it isn’t indicative of the way we view relationships today.

There are few out there who will argue as to how close to the mark College Humour tends to get their videos; Tinderella is well in keeping with their track record. Personally, I can’t claim to have ever used Tinder but I am well aware of the services it supplies. Friends have introduced it to me and we’ve had some cheap laughs at other peoples’ expense; I’d love to say I wasn’t proud of any of this but, frankly, if there is a hell I’ll probably end up there anyway so repenting isn’t an option at this stage.

Please enjoy a very accurate portrayal of the way we view sex and relationships in the 21st century; convenience and proximity, how adorable.




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