Honestly It's Time You Stepped Up Your Game - The Hilarious Chat Up Lines We Heard At Gilgamesh - Xclusive Touch
Warren Ryan First Dates Worst Chat Up Lines Gilgamesh Xclusivetouch

Honestly It's Time You Stepped Up Your Game – The Hilarious Chat Up Lines We Heard At Gilgamesh

On a mission to find the chat up lines which work (and the ones which will get a drink thrown in your face) the Xlusivetouch Gilgamesh launch party seemed as good a place as any to keep our ears open for the very best in club flirting disasters.

So we decided to talk to some of you about the hilariously worst and best chat up lines you’ve heard, used and been victims of.

Well the results are in and here are our official 2014 Chat Up Line Nominations:

XclusiveTouch Official Nominations For Worst Chat Up Line Culprits:

“Do You Want To Go Halves On A Baby?”
Warren Ryan First Dates Worst Chat Up Lines Gilgamesh Xclusivetouch

You might recognise Warren Ryan from Channel 4’s “First Dates” and with chat up lines like that, it’s no wonder that he needed the help of a dating program. 

“Lets Go Back To Mine And Do What I Told My Friends We Were Doing Anyway…”
John Magician Most Hilarious Chat Up Lines Gilgamesh XclusiveTouch Launch

Josh Magician definitely worked his magic on this chat up line. Though the real trick is that it worked.

“Hi Nice To Meet You” *Kisses Her On Lips* “Here’s My Card” *Walks Off*
Worst Chat Up lines Promoter xclusivetouch flirt club

Does this one actually work Aziz? And more importantly what did that business card read? We can only guess it said: “Your Welcome” with your number underneath.

“I Like Your Dress, But It Would Look Better On My Floor…”
Erol Hussein Chat Up Lines Xclusivetouch Chat Up

Erol our boy on the right used this one. As you can see the girl he used this on is not in the picture, so we can only assume she decided to leave her dress on the floor of someone else that night. Perhaps someone with a better chat up line?

Maybe you can go back and give: “Hey baby, I like that dress, but I’d like it better if it were on a prettier girl” a go. Treat em mean and all that…

XclusiveTouch Official Nominations For Worst Chat Up Line Victims:

“Hi I Was Wondering If You Have Space In Your Bag For My Mercedes Key”
Filiz Blonde Worst Chat Up Lines

We’re sorry you even had to hear this Filiz. Though perhaps if it had been a Bugatti key, this picture would tell a different story.

“Is Your Name Google Because You’ve Got Everything I’m Searching For”
Annabelle Chat Up Lines Google Flirt Club

“Yes it is however my wifi is down so I won’t be able to help you” Annabelle

“Aw Girl, I’m Going To Have To Put You On My To-Do List”
Worst Chat Up Lines xclusivetouch funny

How do you even react to this Becca?

In case this happens to you again, we’ve thought of a rebuttal for you. Just reply: ” Aww think I’ve fallen in puppy love. Oh, no, wait, I thought you were a dog, never mind”.

XclusiveTouch Official Nominations For Worst Chat Up Lines Overheard:

“Are Those Space Pants Because Your Ass Is Out Of This World…”
Yunus Worst Chat Up Lines Funny Gilgamesh Launch

What can I say Yunus maybe her butt really was other-worldly.

“Are You Actually Beautiful Or Is It Just The Beer?”
Chat Up Lines overheard most funny hilarious gilgamesh xclusivetouch

A face-in-drink worthy chat up line. Thankfully it wasn’t used on our Ozlem here, just on one of her friends….

“I Lost My Phone Number, Can I Borrow Yours?”
Worst Chat Up Lines Funyn Flirting Gilgamesh Launch

Of course Fethi claimed this chat up line was “overheard”, but we’re not totally convinced. The look on his face here reads “she was drunk and it worked”.

“Are You A Terrorist? Cos You Da Bomb…”
Chat Up lines worst funny hilarious

Our man Ish on the far right might have overheard this one, but later that night we’re sure we overheard him using it. Judging by the look on his face though, it didn’t do him much good.

“Did you fall from heaven? Cause your face is pretty messed up!”
Worst chat up lines funniest overheard

The victim of this terrible chat up line wasn’t so keen to share it with us (she was too busy asking everyone around if they’re “sure” her face is okay). Though we got the scoop just the same. Thanks Dunya!

And that ladies and gentlemen is how you guarantee leaving the club alone.



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