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House music is King. Storm Queen Performs at Rise Super Club Saturday

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Since Annie Mac stepped on the scene with her Friday night Radio 1 show, “House” and Dance music has become absolutely huge. People are now looking beyond their average fix of chart/pop – they want something with more integrity, they crave more dance elements in a track – they want to be able to get down and dirty on the dance floor without having to hear some ridiculously overplayed garbage that is pumped out of the music industry on a daily basis. They want House music.

This summer has seen some massive names in the House music genre; from Duke Dumont to Breach, there’s always a track that will make you want to get out of your seat and move with the beats.

This summer we heard the huge hit “Look Right Through” wondrously put together by New Jersey’s Morgan Geist and Damon C. Scott as “Storm Queen”. The hit was so massive that it debuted in the UK singles chart at number 1! It’s still hanging around now – people just cannot get enough of this tune!

This Saturday, at Rise Super Club, Storm Queen are performing and we’re extremely excited! You can purchase last minute tickets here – , there’s a limited number of early bird tickets, so be quick!
If you’re thinking “I don’t know who Storm Queen are?!” then let me refresh your memory –

…….. Recognised it, right?



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