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An idiots guide to Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

An idiots guide to Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

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Blackberry Messenger or BBM as it is casually know is now available on all Android devices and is already gaining in popularity. As BBM was originally for the ‘cool kids’ some may be unaware what to expect or how it will differ from Whatsapp. If you fall into this category than read on and educate yourself on the wonderful world of BBM.

Blackberry pin & the art of deleting

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Rather than use your number BBM assigns you a ‘pin’ for others to add. The main advantage of this is that stalkers cannot ring or text as they only have your pin. This means that men and women alike are far more likely to give out their pin than their phone number. Should someone push your buttons you can make use of the all important delete & ignore buttons making it impossible for the stalker to resume contact.

‘7’ is the new 666 –

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Traditionally blackberry pins have evolved from a letter to a number. As a newcomer to the service your pin is likely to begin with a ‘7’ making you instantly recognizable to a veteran BBM user. Whilst this appears trivial on the surface the ‘hardcore’ users who never jumped ship will be quick to remind you of this as time goes on. Expect a mixed reception when you tell your old blackberry friends that you can now speak to them on BBM.

Status Updates

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The main difference with BBM and Whatsapp is the status feed which enables you to see a timeline of updates (photo changes, status changes, name changes etc.). This feed means that any changes to your profile are more likely to result in direct messages. Upload a photo of yourself as a kid or a funny group photo and someone will definitely see it. But beware, status updates can be a source of evil, accidently spoiling a TV show your watching or perhaps bringing photos to your attention you really did not want to see.


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Another difference to Whatshapp is that traditionally you can send group broadcast (group messages) quickly and to everyone in your contact list. While this may be a useful source for organizing group outings it is often abused to the maximum with people messaging for literally everything. Expect to be invited out, updated with football scores or even told about a missing cat by a contact member who has ‘selected all’ when sending a message.

Stupid broadcasts

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Not only should you worry about regular broadcasts but prepare yourself for some truly moronic broadcasts. Messages warning you that you ‘must’ re broadcast a code or your BBM will be switched off are amongst the most popular memes. Others include ‘re broadcast this list and add your pin to receive 500 contacts a day’ or ‘BC this message or someone you love will die today’. Given that more people will now be using the service I can only wonder what doom and gloom broadcasts will pop up next.

Crashes, Glitches and Battery Drainage

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The reason BBM is now available on multiple platforms is because the blackberry handsets lost popularity fast. The main reason for this is they have proven over time to be completely unreliable. Following on, don’t expect your BBM service to be flawless. There will undoubtedly be glitches, crashes and some serious battery drainage. A few years back the entire network went down for days and brought a stop to numerous businesses. My advice is if there is anyone on your contact list you need to contact regularly, make sure you have their phone number too.

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