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Imagine Hizenberg was your best friend – Breaking bad

Walt aka Hizenberg from the hit series “ breaking bad “, probably the most talked about TV programme. Watching the last series of the show, you start to recap all things he has done from series 1 to now, and think to yourself what would you do if your best mate a chemist teacher – become the most dangerous and smartest drug dealer of all time.

Hanging out

As no one but you and his wife would know he is hizenberg you will probably get some free meff of him as he is drugs a pure or even better if you had a problem with police he has his trusted flamboyant lawyer Saul Goodman, that will help you out of any problems that occur. Walt also runs a car wash so if you ever needed a spring clean when you are out and about, just call walt’s wife and ask for a discount.

Angry Hizenberg

Even though you are buddies, anything that can harm his family or get him into trouble he will not hesitate to make a smart move to put you away. So it would be best to keep your distance especially after hearing rumours he killed 10 people inside prison in the space of 1 minute. Walt mind is like a chessboard every move he makes is well executed and he always has a contingency plan.

Dealing with Jessie

Well being friends with walt also comes with a bit of baggage, but knowin that Jessie is his business partner would get under anyone skin. Okay the guy did you get walt into the business so you have to show a bit of respect to Jessie, but the guy is such an absolute idiot , he is always dopped up, immature and always finds a way to ruin something. So it would your goal as Walt friend to make sure
Jessie just stops getting in the way.

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