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beyonce asleep aint see shit whatjayzsaidtosolange

The Internet Has ZERO Chill: The Funniest Memes To Come From #WhatJayzSaidToSolange

Jay Z being beaten up in an elevator by his sister in law Solange, all whist Beyonce looked on at the Met Gala after party at the standard hotel pretty much blew up the internet. Quite literally, I could feel my iPhone over heating in my hands from the retweets.

Not surprisingly millions of people reacted to it instantly, once again proving that the internet has ZERO chill. The tweets and memes to come out of the #WhatJayzSaidToSolange hashtag are absolutely hilarious…

Honestly H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S

Check out some of the funniest memes we’ve come across so far…they truly tell the story for themselves.

beyonce solange worldstarr whatjayzsaidtosolange

What ever you do Jay, DO NOT make eye contact

jayz glasses looking up whatjayzsaidtosolange

Awwww sh*t he looked at her

jazz solange elevator whatjayzsaidtosolange

Beyonce Be Like…

solange ash pokemon whatjayzsaidtosolange

*Kevin Hart Voice* Nooooooo he isn’t ready!

solange be like sunli street fighter

This sh*t just got real

solange vs jay z dragon ball z gif


 so you just gonna stand there b jays beyonce solange knowles meme

Seriously DO NOT make eye contact

beyonce elevator looking way

How it really went down


jazz solange captain america whatjayzsaidtosolange

“Yo Beyonce, B, B!!”

beyonce asleep aint see shit whatjayzsaidtosolange

“Could have sworn I had Breezy’s number”

jayz looking for chris browns number whatjayzsaidtosolange

Breezy Be Like: “OOoohhhh she the 100th problem”

solange knowles wikipedia page update no chill whatjayzsaidtosolange

It’s always kind of awkward when your friends have an opinion…

kanye khloe know better whatjayzsaidtosolange

It’s all good though… your PR team can handle it

Although it is pretty difficult to play it off like it was nothing…

jay z solange beyonce met gala after party whatjaysaidtobeyonce

Family reunions are always going to be kinda awkward now

jays blue ivy punk ass auntie whatjayzsaidtosolange

“Daddy let me handle this”


Nah its cool Blue, Ima just chill here…

jayz hiding behind beyonce at family reunion whatjayzsaidtosolange



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