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It’s official women are too fussy

I once asked a man if he knew what it is that women want. His answer: “too much”. There’s a chance he might be onto something… do we even know what it is that we’re looking for? Because when I ask women “what do you look for in a man” I get more of a list than a definite answer. It’s a tricky question to be fair.

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I hate to be the one to say it, but subconsciously I think us Londoners want someone that fits the prince charming stereotype, someone that will be there no matter what. He doesn’t necessarily need the traditional sword but we want a man that takes the bad with the good and other such beautiful clichés.

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When asked, most women would probably reply saying they just want a man who can make them smile. What they’re thinking however, is another matter.

Any man allowed to get anywhere near boyfriend status has to tick a whole number of boxes on the list: good looks, steady income, nice car, fit body, big wallet, big something else…you get the idea. Well in the name of research I’ve spoken to a few of my female friends (the single ones, sorry girls) about what they consider to be the perfect man. After all, they all seem to think he exists; they just haven’t stumbled across him yet.

Getting involved with a man is one thing, but when it comes to long term lovers, I’m just going to say it; we’ve all become a bit picky. We have set the bar sky high ladies, no wonder fantastic men are impossible to find and even if Orlando Bloom or Brad Pitt were to stumble into our lives, we probably still wouldn’t be satisfied. There are just too many choices out there and not enough time to try them all.

So, I figured there’s only one way to get a straight answer in this town. Given the chance to give only one answer, when asked “what do you look for in a man” this is what the women of London look for in a man:

5 : Size does matter (not that, cheeky…! Okay maybe that too) but in this instance I’m talking about height, a man has to be tall, or at least taller than her in her favourite heels. 

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4 : Someone that worships the ground we walk on and won’t take us for granted. The royal treatment from a man is essential we want to feel like a lady even if we don’t act like one most of the time.

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3 : Intelligence… or at the very least a man who can initiate some good conversation. Someone who looks pretty but has nothing behind their big blue eyes is only going to stay appealing for a short period of time. I’m sorry Joey Essex but it’s a no.

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2:  It is essential that a man smells good (it sounds like common sense but sadly it’s not). For God sake, keep fresh and keep clean. Lynx didn’t market themselves as “pocket pulling power” for nothing. Take note, no girl will want to get hot and sweaty with someone who already smells hot and sweaty.

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1: BANTER. A funny man is an attractive one. Us girls need someone who can make us laugh hysterically; we want someone who can come out with ridiculous things and have us in stiches. Looks matter, but laughter matters more so gentlemen. Stop taking selfies and work on your witty repartees.

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Take this advice seriously, it has come from women who have already kissed a lot of frogs and really do know what they want from a man!



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