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james arthur twitter teddy edwardes

Your 5 Step Guide To Sexting Like James Arthur

james arthur twitter teddy edwardes

Perhaps one of the worse PR moves made by celebrities on Twitter are the #ask hashtags. Who on earth thought it would be a good idea for James Arthur to do this right after a story of his failed attempts at sexting broke?

James Arthur hasn’t been the most popular of figures over the past couple of months. Dealing with the aftermath of his PR blunders has often lead to a pretty hilarious social media response, in particular with the timing of #askjamesarthur

Now most women have had to deal with a guy throwing their toys out of the pram on being turned down. It’s the classic “Yo babes lemme talk to you for a second” which is usually followed by a response along the lines of “Sorry I have a boyfriend” to which the most common reply is “You’re a butters anyway”. From a screen shot of the conversation it seems that, that is pretty much what happened between James Arthur and Teddy Edwardes.

twitter james arthur teddy edwardes

Now, I am no detective but I noticed a gap of nearly 22 hours between Edwardes last sent message and Arthurs next received message. The previous 4 messages were 3 minutes apart. It’s something that makes me wonder if perhaps a few messages were deleted?


From the looks of that screen shot James clearly fancies himself as ladies man. The fame and success following winning the X Factor 2012 obviously won him a lot of fans and undoubtedly inflated his ego. It would do it to most people.

However I don’t think even I, an outstanding member of society (lol) would find it hard not to end up looking like a d*ckhead if someone were to tweet a screen shot of a drunken whatsapp convo. Although I must admit, I doubt I would be quite so uncompromising in my attempts at indifference.

Now which ever side of the fence you fall on, whether you think James Arthur is a dick or if you love him and think he can do no wrong. One thing we can all agree on is that when it comes to the art of sexy texting James has a very unique style.

Here are just 5 of the lessons we learnt from James Arthur when it comes to sexting…

1. Give Absolutely 0 Fucks

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You clearly went into this conversation with one objective (perhaps 2 if your counting a nude). Not caring what people think is a desirable quality. You are the shit!?

2. Small Talk Is For Pussies

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We all love a good chat however beating around the bush may not always be your best option. Whilst going straight in for the kill with a line like “I would like to f*ck the living sh*t out of you” may end up ruffling a few feathers it will at least mean you won’t end up in the friend zone.

3. Stick To Your Guns

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You didn’t give a single fuck and avoided small talk like it was the plague. So in the face of adversity don’t back down. You may be thrown a dodgeball in the shape of “I’m not that kind of girl” or “I’ve never done that before”. Take it in your stride. However she may well be an elusive good girl which means you now have no chance. Leading the other half of the party on to expect more from the situation won’t result in anything positive either, Adnan Januzaj.

4. Don’t Let Your P.A Near Your Phone

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We all know that friends can be a pain in the arse, who hasn’t been Fraped before? If your advances fail, apologise and explain that you have an immature/stupid friend that had a hold of your phone whilst you were either in the bathroom, hoovering, or had run to the shops.

5. If Things Go Wrong, Blame It On Your P.A

shaggy it wasn't me gif james arthur

If it all goes tits up just blame it on a friend, if you have P.A even better, blame it on them. Warn your friend/P.A of your ploy before hand so that they will collaborate with you.

End of. It wasn’t me. Simples.



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