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Jay Z Says No To Being Kanye’s Best Man #WhoShouldKanyeAsk

Kanye West, undoubtedly one of the most devisive figures in the music industry. His relationship with reality TV and adult movie star Kim Kardashian means that his every move is under event more scrutiny.

With their every step in the public spotlight their wedding was bound to be no different. Kimye’s engagement was aired exclusively on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” it was only to be expected that the wedding feature on the show.

According to the Daily Mail Kanye asked Jay Z to be his best man, to which Jay said no! Hova is apparently boycotting best man duties as he wishes to spare wife Beyonce and daughter Blue Ivy from the media frenzy that will surround a Kim Kardashian wedding. We all remember her first in 2011 to Kris Humphries.

You have to feel for Kanye reaching out to his big brother, B.I.G.’s brother on his big day, however word on the street has it that Jay Z hasn’t flat out said no. Apparently he’d be happy to take on the job Kanye’s and Kim’s Paris wedding wasn’t filmed.

We of course doubt that will happen, there’s little that’ll stop the Kardashian media machine. So for Kanye’s sake we’ve come up with some possible replacements to Hov on best man duties

1. Rick Ross

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Having recently had Kanye feature and produce on his new album Mastermind, you would think that Yeezy and Rozay have got to know well. Catering for a wedding usually tends to be a bit of dilemma so perhaps the Boss’ recent venture into the chicken wing game in the form of his Wing-Stop franchise might just swing it in his favour.

2. Drake

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Drizzy is the perfect high profile rapper for such a role. With the right amount of street credibility and with us all knowing he has a soft side he would fit right in at Kimye’s wedding. The best man speech would undoubtedly be something to remember (drake voice).

3. Scott Disick 

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The epitome of suave. A wedding with Lord Disick playing the role of best man would of course come with the Kardashian seal of approval. Being a best man isn’t just about turning up and looking good or even just bringing some lemon pepper chicken wings along. You really have to understand the happy couple and any insight on the in laws is invaluable information for the groom.

4. 2 Chainz 

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Solely for the big booty h*es at the stag party

5. Himself

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It goes without saying that Kanye thinks a lot of himself . Would you really be surprised if you found out Yeezy appointed himself best man?



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