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Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith Do Some Real Hip Hop Dancing

Jimmy Fallon has a lot of redeeming features; he’s a pretty great talk show host, he’s been in the game for years, he gets some great guests on his show. Unfortunately, dancing is not one of these prodigious traits that J-Fal has. How do I know this? I know this because Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith decided to show us all just how Hip-Hop dancing has evolved through the years.

Wearing matching dungarees and boots, Fallon and Smith wop, twerk and biz their way through a range of moves in just under 3 minutes and they DO NOT look cool doing it. Now, I’m not Will Smith’s biggest fan but I’m pretty sure Fallon managed to bring down his ‘cool’ factor considerably.

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The pair make a pretty decent combination, especially during the “Kid’n’Play” even if it does look more like they’re just getting a bit tangled up than they are dancing. Bless them, they are having fun.

This time last year, you wouldn’t have seen Fallon dancing with Smith on The Tonight Show but due to the retirement of American TV chat show legend, Jay Leno, Jimmy has found himself a new line of work as the host of one of the States’ longest running institutions. The next step is to try and keep it going for over 20 years like Leno did; that is not a simple task for anyone.

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What Fallon needs to put more effort into, though, is his atrocious dancing routine. The guy’s so rigid throughout the video, he’s all prim and proper about it. These are not qualities that look good when dancing next Will Smith who, as we have seen time and time again in pretty much everything he’s ever done, is pretty damn loose. There is one thing Will won’t do, he WILL NOT TWERK WITH JIMMY FALLON.

That is one step too far, Jimmy.



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