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Is Kanye a creative genius or deluded

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Kanye West has added to his vast collection of what I would like to call ‘crazy genius super cool rants’. In an interview with legendary American Radio personality Sway, when given direction on how ‘Ye should empower himself he blows up screaming “YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS” and continued into an unapologetic I’m Kanye West who are yourant. It wasn’t long before Kanye went on to discredit Sways fashion business and also other major corporations such as Nike and Ralph Lauren until he eventually cooled down and apologised.

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It’s not hard to picture the average Ye Fan flooding your social media with statuses such as “YEAH YEEZY TELL THEM, ITS THE TRUTH”. Now without trying to have myself crossed off all the cool edgy kids Christmas card list I would just like to put one sentiment out there; it is all nonsense.

It goes without saying that Kanye is a musical genius; he’s dropped at least 4 classic albums and is highly influential in fashion, in particular with the aforementioned cool kids and the hipsters. It’s just that for many, his ego often overshadows his achievements.

In an interview with American radio personality Charlemagne Tha God on Power 105.1 breakfast club Kanye was told that he is “A walking contradiction”.

Check out the full interview with Charlmagne Tha God below

Kanye has taken it open himself to become a revolutionary denouncing corporate America, well the companies he doesn’t believe in. His single
New Slaves from latest album Yeezus is essentially about Black Americans being slaves to “White America”, huge fashion organisations and the rich.

I’d find it much easier to side with Kanye on this if he wasn’t the same guy selling T-shirts for $180, Yeezys for around $300 and tour merchandise at extortionate prices.

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After listening to Kanye its hard to not see this as a clever marketing strategy, he’s obviously a driven, motivated and intelligent man. He has told us many times how much of a struggle it has been for him to be taken seriously in the fashion world. It is however difficult to see it from his eyes, in that his struggle is not just his, but that of black people in general.

It was interesting to note that it was Sway’s attempt at advising Kanye (bearing in mind that Sway knew Kanye before when he was just a producer) that caused him set off into a rant. Kanye’s logic was that as he’s lost millions more than Sway that he in fact had no right to offer his counsel. Hold on a second Yeezy, doesn’t this narrative remind you of YOUR beef with the huge evil fashion houses?

It seems as if Yeezy has been too caught up in his own hysteria to realise that he is contradicting himself. Kanye does however make for great viewing; whether he knows how absurd some of his rants sound or not. There are always a few gems, pearls of wisdom if you like thrown in the mix, regardless of whether you are making it in the rap game or as a fashion designer it’s hard to deny that he is influential figure (be that positive or negative) and that his ambition is infectious.

Check out the full interview with Sway below

The interview with Sway is pretty hilarious, he totally disrespects Sway when he says that he bought him his first TV in the early 00’s (major LOLs) there’s not much that can be said in his defence. I’d liken it to inviting a friend round for dinner and them shitting in your front room. It’s just not cool and the very distasteful. 

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After countless outbursts Kanye now isn’t relevant because of the music he releases or his moves in the fashion industry but more so because of his unpredictability whether that be in interviews, his legendary rants during his concerts or his on-going beef with paparazzi.

We all fell in love with Kanye after the College Dropout, it was his verses on tracks like Get ‘em high and anthems like Jesus Walks, albums filled with bangers after albums filled with bangers that led to us investing in Kanye as a brand. It’s his unpredictability and irrational behaviour that’ll eventually lead to us cashing out.

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