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Is Kanye new political songs attention seeking or a masterpiece

Is Kanye new political songs attention seeking or a masterpiece.

Kanye west will release his 6th studio album “Yeezus” on the 18th of June. Now I didn’t really care about the album before (without jay I’m not a fan of Kanye but after hearing the genius “New slave” and “Black skinhead” I have to say I’m quite excited. Kanye never one to stay quite and I respect him for using his music as a platform to talk about important issues.

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Saying this I sometimes feel like his rants are a cry for attention. For the last couple of years Kanye has made himself know as an activist and someone who doesn’t conform to the norm. He enjoys talking about issues that other celbs won’t talk about I mean who else would openly accuse a US President of being a racist and who can forget that infamous Taylor swift incident Lol. If there are chance to get his opinion out Kanye will do it.

But is it getting too much? Call me a conspiracy but I’m starting to think this whole act is a marketing ploy. Every artist needs a style/identity something that sets them apart from the crowd and I’m starting to think that Kanye wants to be talked about as that guy who always has something to say, does he really care about these issues or is it just a PR stunt. I haven’t decided yet.

Kanye west fans don’t kill me it just an opinion.

Despite his antics Kanye has spoken out about taboo subjects such as homophobia in hip-hop, a topic that is bushed under the carpet something that affects thousands if not millions of people.
He also raised awareness for hurricane Katrina raising million of dollars by being outspoken.

Hate him or love him you gotta respect him for taking chances and being a leader.

But Is the world ready to hear the truth?

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