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Killer Curve Assasin

Various studies recently have concluded that men look at bodies, not faces when following through on their initial attraction to women. I’m sure most of you women have experienced cave-man like tactics of men in cars driving past and honking or shouting (supposed) appreciation of your physical attributes, or been ‘swept off your feet’ – literally – as some man makes a clumsy grab for your hand in a nightclub, having bulldozed his way across the dance floor and inadvertently slipped at the last minute on the drink you threw at the previous suitor.

Clearly in neither of these scenarios has the male species been able to establish the extent of your facial attractiveness, what they are seeing and responding to (and I have had this confirmed from a number of serious male ‘players’ that make up a section of my social circle!) is the body shape of the lucky (or luckless!) targeted female.

Curve Assassin

We all know that artfully applied make-up can alter the effect of even the most unfortunate looking female however the same cannot be said for the body.  I have experienced all shapes & sizes of women on my West End safaris and whilst some have clearly honed and toned to fulfill their curve potential others have been less rigorous in their maintenance, more curved ball than curve! 

Please do not misunderstand me here, I am not advocating one size/shape fits all, nor am I trying to turn everyone into some skinny supermodel. As someone who has never been skinny and has an arse one could “rest a pint on” (one of the more sophisticated chat-up lines I received recently!) I work hard to ensure my curves are toned, pert & where appropriate travel North as opposed to South. Ladies – today I’m giving you an insight into things you can do in or out of the gym to sculpt those curves into those of a Killer Curve Assassin…

killer assassin curves

Firstly let me dispel a couple of myths,

  • Weights will not make you ‘hench’, or too muscular, women do not have enough testosterone to end up looking like men. Even professional female body builders have some additional ‘help’ injected in order to develop their muscles!
  • Hours on the treadmill/cross trainer/bike will not sculpt your individual curves
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In my opinion and through my own tried and tested methods the best way to achieve your optimum curves is through a combination of weights & body weight exercises. Over the course of the next few blogs I will give you some key exercises that focus on specific areas of your anatomy, follow the routines and guidelines and I guarantee you will see significant improvements.

Anatomy No.1 – The Gluteal Muscles AKA The pint resting place!

The gluteal muscles are a group of four muscles, three of which make up the buttocks. In fact, the gluteus maximus is the largest of the gluteal muscles and one of the strongest in the human bodies. So really ladies we should all be aiming for butt muscles that could pop the lid of those beer bottles before they come to rest on our pert derrière!

Exercise 1:


squats, gym, xclusivetouch

There are so many different types of squatting, all of which I employ for myself or my clients at different stages. However for the purpose of this blog I am going to focus on the traditional squat.  Squats can be done with or without weights; however I would recommend executing in front of a mirror initially to ensure you are maintaining correct form.

Prisoner Squats (squats with no weights)


  • Start with your legs approximately hip width apart, toes facing forward (if you are particularly tall or are in the enviable position of having exceptionally long legs then you may be more comfortable with a slightly wider stance and with the feet slightly turned out).
  • Pull your belly button into your back, creating a locked in core section that is firm. Think Pamela Anderson and allow the chest to come up & out. Do NOT arch your lower back. Raise your arms so they are either stretched out in front of your chest or alternatively lift and clasp your hands behind at the base of your skull.
  • Push the bum backwards as if you were sitting down in a chair, keeping the belly button locked in. Allow the weight to transfer into your hamstrings and travel down the back of your legs to the soles of your feet as you slowly lower yourself down. Ensure the knees do not travel over the feet, if they do it is because you have more weight transferred on the front of your body than you do behind.
  • Once you have lowered as far as you can whilst maintaining a strong core, (how far you can go will improve with practice) push up through the heels and backs of legs to your starting position.
  • N.B At no point should your feet not remain flat on the floor.

Perform 15 repetitions then have a 30 second rest. Then repeat again complete with rest for a total of four rounds.

For squats with weights, you can either use a barbell resting behind on your shoulders or if you have a weak back resting on your chest at the front. Utilise the same process as above.

Ladies, good luck and good squatting, part 2 of this particular subject will follow in the next blog entry. But for now, go kick some ass! x


By Elisba Abbot



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