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Where would Kim Kardashian be without the sex tape

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These days Kim Kardashian is better known as Kanye West’s baby mother and fiancée. Before that she was and to be fair is still known for her short marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries. Type her name into Google and the results are endless. Her description in her Wikipedia profile is “American tv personality, fashion designer, model and actress”. Sorry, actress? Loooool. That’s a polite way of referring to her sex tape I guess. 

Pointless trivia we have all come to know is that Kim K made a sex tape with her then boyfriend Ray J. Many of us have probably watched this online somewhere. Nowadays she has an ongoing reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” running on its eighth season. I was watching an episode and my mum asked me, why is she so rich and famous? I couldn’t bring myself to tell her it was from a leaked sex tape many years ago. 

So a question that many of us wonder is where would Kim Kardashian be without the sex tape? I have no doubts her name would still be known. 

Lets look at her possible occupations:

Fashion designer

Hip-hop honey

A well-known video girl

A singer? (Lol)

A Basketball wife

Footballer’s wife

A reality star 

General socialite

Playboy bunny 

You gotta give it to the girl, we would all be lying and denying Kim and her assets credit if we didn’t admit that she has done well with her sex tape. It got her on the map and her foot in the doorway to stardom. After her leaked sex tape it all pretty much came easily to her and now whether we like to admit it or not she is a household name. 

The Jenner/Kardashians 

Kim Kardashian’s fame is like a magical illusion, we don’t know where she came from how she got here but we do know she’s not falling off any time soon. Kim played a smart move in keeping her name relevant, she introduced us to her family who to be fair are way more charismatic and have more personality than her. Now each member of her family are now well known in their own right, albeit because of her name. 

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Kim’s timeline 

1980 A (porn) star is born 

1994 Becomes one Paris Hilton’s party pals

1994 OJ Simpson faces charges of murder and is represented by Robert Kardashian

2000 19 year old Kim marries music producer Damon Thomas

2003 Divorces Damon Thomas 

2003 Starts dating Ray J, Brandy Norwood’s brother

2006 First D-A-S-H store opens in Calabasas 

2007 A sex tape made by Kim and Ray J in 2003 was leaked

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2007 Her family commissioned to star in reality series “Keeping up with the Kardashians” 

2007 Dates Reggie Bush on and off for three years up until 2010

2007 Poses for Playboy 

2010 Releases video for her single “Jam (turn it up)” 

2011 Marries Kris Humphries and files for divorce 72 days later

2012 Starts dating friend Kanye West while still legally married to Kris Humphries

2012 Kim & sisters Kourtney and Khloe launch their Kardashian Kollection at Dorothy Perkins, London

2012 Announces she’s pregnant with Kanye West’s baby

2013 Gives birth to baby girl North West

2013 Kanye West proposes at stadium in front of friends and family 

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Having looked at her timeline the girl is successful, she got in to the scene via her then BFF Paris Hilton, which not many of us know about, her father was a lawyer for one of the most controversial court cases making the family name a familiar one. Her and her sisters opened their own boutique store before the sex tape actually got leaked so I guess it shows that Kim was heading somewhere before the tape blew her up and made her even bigger.  

By Annie Ploy



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