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I know what you did last new years

New Years is a time a time of year that we all love and celebrate to excess eating, drinking and partying.

Anyone that’s been out on NYE will know that the atmosphere is electric, you’ve made your resolutions, your excited about the new year and all it has to bring. You may even just be excited about finding that special someone at midnight for a cheeky kiss, or maybe even a bit more…

With it being a huge event in the social calendar there is inevitably a lot of alcohol involved, which we all know can lead to some embarrassing moments.

For most of us it’s usually nothing more serious than falling over or at worse a photo of you getting off with a Precious lookalike popping up on Facebook the day after.

It’s never quite as bad or as embarrassing as it was for the couple pictured below.

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A video posted on instagram and pretty much every other social media platform out there, shows a young man with a ravenous appetite performing a sexual act on a woman on a PUBLIC stairwell.

Or in the words of Rio Ferdinand

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 The video understandably went viral and has already spawned hilarious memes. Just writing about it almost brings me to tears.

The young mans reaction on being caught out is hilarious. Simply licking away evidence from his cheek whilst slurring the words “I’m drunk” and repeatedly asking “Why” when a friend tells him not to speak to him anymore. LOL

Use vertical shot of the couple below image write

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Surprisingly due to the power of the Internet and many social media detectives the pairs names are now common knowledge. We even know that the hungry young man works in a betting shop.

If there are lessons to be learnt from this is that social media can be a very cruel place, that you should be wary of you who your ‘friends’

but perhaps most importantly that eating out on a staircase doesn’t quite cut it as dining al fresco.

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