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The Lies Men Tell Women

This post isn’t to victimise women and portray men to be villains as we all tell lies. Every single one of us has lied from when we could probably first put together a sentence. Not all lies are told maliciously some are just small white lies, to save the other person from getting their feelings hurt, avoid conflict or to save ourselves from punishment. Below are common lies told by men to women! Or maybe it’s just the guys I’ve heard of in that case I need to meet new people…

 “We’ll talk about it later”

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He doesn’t really wants to talk about it later, especially if it’s clear he is either in trouble or the conversation looks like a serious one he doesn’t want to find himself involved in. Him saying “we’ll talk about it later” is just so you get off his back and leave him to continue watching MOTD or finish that mission on COD. 

If you really must have the discussion by the time later comes you would of hopefully calmed down, or if their lucky enough you will forget to talk about it completely.

Basically “we’ll talk about it later” means “we’ll talk about it never”.

 “I’ll call you” 


A phrase often used by guys found in bars and clubs and those who are rushing to get their clothes back on after a one-night stand. It’s a polite way to get out of a sticky situation without totally destroying the woman’s hopes and self-esteem.

 “My phone was on silent”

are you serious

This at times can be a legit reason. However, chances are he is ignoring you for whatever reason. Sometimes it really is just simple as men don’t talk as much as women. Usually they are playing Fifa/COD or watching a football match that they can’t tear themselves away from. It’s a lot easier to just blame their phone being on silent and in another room than too explain all of the above to a woman.

 “I’m sorry”

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Sometimes it’s just easier to apologise rather than ask for an explanation as to why she thinks you are wrong and owe her an apology. Saying sorry really does save you both a lot of time and tears. Whether he actually realises the error of his ways it’s up to the ladies to decide.

“I love you” 

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These three words shouldn’t be thrown and used lightly but not everyone got that memo L Some guys use these words just to get into a females pants. Not to say every guy who tells you he loves you is lying but if you’ve been on three dates and his horny hands are all over you at the end of the night, he probably thinks this is the password to your goodies.

Are there any more common lies told by men I’ve missed out? Sign into your FB and join in the debate, writing down any lies you have told or been told. We would love to hear your opinion!!!

Check next week’s post for the top lies women tell!!!

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