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London Teenager Pranks His African Dad On Camera

Everybody loves a good prank! This London teenager Emman did a great job pranking his Dad by telling him he had got a girl pregnant. His Dad’s reaction was hilarious.

The video is a must see!

It’s not hard to imagine a father that wouldn’t flip out on hearing his 16 year old son had got a girl pregnant, a 14 year old that!

Emman’s Dad unsurprisingly shared this sentiment and even feared his son might end up in prison or even worse end up working in McDonalds.

It was his dad that really was the star of the show, due to the incredibly funny one liners and his epic timing. The fact he threatened to kick Emman out, send him on a plane to Nigeria and even went into the kitchen to get a broom to beat him with makes him a legend.

Here is our list of our favourite Emman’s Dad Quotes: 

“Yesss” – Bad news is imminent.

You know what I need to tell you? No GCSE, no A-Level, you will end up in McDonnalls (McDonalds). You will end up in McDonalds, thats what I meant and I really meant what I’m saying. Pregnant!! How old is she!?” – You have to tell people how it is!

“14, Jesus, is Lord!! 14!! You know you can be prosecuted for that!!” Scare tactics are key.

“You are going to Nigeria 1st class tomorrow, I will get the first class ticket taking you to Nigeria” Money ain’t thing.

“I’m coming, I’m coming” – A real boss doesn’t explain his actions.

“Who do you say is pregnant? I will hit you with this one (shakes broom vigorously)!” – Say something!

“You’re a joka!” – Nobody wanted see Emman get beats.

We were in absolute stitches throughout this video! Props to Emman for the creativity and of course his Dad for the reaction!

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