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Why We Love & Hate Yeezy!

“Kanye West is the Kanye Best Better than the Kanye Rest This is no Kanye Jest We are all Kanye Blessed.”


Hate him or love him you can’t deny he has become massively successful since his first studio album dropped ten years ago. He’s even a been a success away from music with his Red Octobers sold out completely with the highest bid on ebay at wait for it…. £10million!!!!!!!! *chokes*

Despite the constant battle of a love/hate relationship with Kanye there is no doubt he has talent that appeals to a mass audience. Whether he stands as a rapper, producer, designer or fashion icon.

Lets look at reasons why some love him while others hate him.

Forbes Listed

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Kanye’s net worth is at $100 million dollars and he is listed as #59 Celebrity in Forbes magazine.

He Believes In Himself & What He Does 

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To quote the man himself “I feel like my confidence + someone else’s low self esteem = my arrogance” taken from his book Thank you and you’re welcome. It’s easy to see how why some may find him arrogant.

He Is A Fashion Icon

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I’ll admit I really don’t pay attention to the way rappers dress especially Americans. However, A/W 13 KimYe has been aesthetically doing it for me since Kim had her baby. The pair have been killing it in their outfits which blend and compliment each other perfectly and I absolutely bow dow to their colour palette.

He Is Outspoken

kanye west taylor swift vma awards beyonce imma let you finish

Probably the number one reason why you either love or hate him. Kanye storming the stage, grabbing the mic from Taylor Swift and going into his “Imma let you finish but” rant is. Of course there is a time a place to voice your opinion, this was obviously the wrong both.

He Has 21 Grammy’s

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So he must be doing something right musically whether its rapping or producing tracks.

He Compares Himself To Jesus

Kanye West is a Christian. Other Christians have found it quite offensive and see Kanye as a blasphemous… Remember his cover for Rolling Stones magazine and of course the video to Jesus Walks…


Not only does he offend a large number of Christians but shortly after Nelson Mandela died he thought it appropriate to compare himself to the man -_- 

Even Kanye realised the need for some good pr and claimed that he hadn’t actually said it and it was a fake report.

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Is He Really THAT Talented?

Whilst some may love Kanye as a rapper and producer even calling him a genius for the way he has influenced Hip Hop and his overall body of work. Others tend to argue that The College Dropout was his one true classic album and that his following studio albums haven’t been on the same level.

One thing that we can all agree on is that he thinks he is talented

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