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Nightclub Mahiki guestlist and london

Mahiki Nightclub London Mayfair club Review


Nightclub Mahiki guestlist and london


Mahiki is a beach themed nightclub with décor such as palm trees and flowers. As you enter the nightclub, there is a staircase that is lit and is a great place to take some cool pictures. The top floor has a number of booths for VIP guests as well as bars. The downstairs has a dance floor with stages and balconies to show off your moves.


There was a funky and fun atmosphere with a lot of people mingling and making new friends. Towards the end , the atmosphere got abit more crazy with girls dancing on poles and getting low on the stages.


The type of people who attended the nightclub were both young party animals and older business men. The people were well dressed and knew how to have a good party.


The music was not great as it was not to my taste. There was a significant amount of 80s and 90s music which I didn’t enjoy. I did request some songs to the DJ which he played and were good but generally I did not feel the urge to dance as much as I usually do on nights out.

Drink prices

There were cocktails in treasure chests served to VIP guests along with bottles of vodka and tropical juices. The treasure chest of cocktails was awesome but very expensive.



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