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No Make Up Selfie Nominations: Going Au Naturale For A Good Cause

A new nomination craze has hit Facebook, which eliminates the risk of death, wahoo! Yes the ‘No Make Up Selfie Nomination’ has begun to infiltrate newsfeeds where women take a photo of themselves with no make up and then nominate friends to do the same, all in aid of breast cancer awareness.

It was bound to happen, since the celebrity no make-up craze is in full swing, it was only a matter of time before everyone else jumped on board the makeup-less bandwagon.

No Makeup Selfie Celebrity Rhianna Demi

I must admit I was slightly scared when this whole thing kicked off and statuses appeared around Twitter reading: “Naked selfie for breast cancer awareness, thanks for the nomination”. The wording had be wondering what I might see, I clicked anyway thought, you would’ve done too…

There are those bigging up the trend, empowering women and encouraging them to take part, while others are asking what it actually does to help cure cancer.

Well I suppose it depends on the way you look at it, as awareness or as fundraising. I suppose selfie nomination raises awareness by, well, raising awareness…

No Make up Selfie Lady Gaga Amy Willterton

That is unless you’re one of those girls that has always posted selfies back before they were even termed selfies because hardly anyone was taking photos of themselves and you were in the small self indulgent crew that posted a photo after you’d apparently “just woken up after no sleep, with no make up and no hairbrush”. No photoshop too?

My point is that this nomination craze just needs to remain focused on breast cancer and not become an excuse for girls to pose, goodness knows social media doesn’t need anymore of that.

holly willoughby Demi levato make up less selfie celebrity

So then we come to whether it’s pointless because it doesn’t raise money: yes that’s a valid argument, but if everyone holding this view donates, then the make up less selfies will be pointless no more…Here’s a handy link if you’ve argued this opinion and also for anyone else feeling the urge!

It must be said however that even though the nominations aren’t helping to cure cancer, they may remind girls to check themselves out. Sorry to go all serious and medical but as the tube posters tell us, there are a lot more signs of breast cancer than we realise.

Breast Cancer Tube Awareness

Boobs aside, girls are constantly being hit with models and celebrities looking flawless, forgetting the airbrushing that has been applied to them.  Here’s Katy Perry demonstrating that, and she’s even got make up on..

katy perry selfie no make up airbrush before after retouch photo

So whether or not these ‘No Make Up Selfies’ cure cancer, they can at least sort out our fear of exposing our real selves. What a cheesy note to end on, and there’s more of that to come, watch out for the final sign off: girls, be proud of your natural beauty!



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