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Mario & Luigi Go Free-Running in D Nova Video

Remember how great Super Mario was? The story of a mental Italian plumber, his brother and the quest to get his hands on Princess Peach was one the classic video game plotlines. I, for one, am pretty damn glad that the little guy has been reinvigorated by D-Nova’s new video where both he and Luigi are significantly more agile than any of us will recall them being.

mario flappy

I definitely recall Mario doing that little jump where he’d throw one hand up and land on a Goomba, Koopa Troopa or whatever else Bowser has sent to thwart the little guy. At no stage during my video gaming career did Mario ever do half of the shit that these guys do in D-Nova’s video.

Mario and Luigi were alright but ACTUAL parkour is so much cooler. If you’ve ever met anyone who isn’t particularly bothered by being a master of the art of freerunning, I would advise you to be instantly sceptical of this person and all of their credentials.


The video itself sees the two brothers running through various environments collecting coins, throwing fireballs and dodging Goombas; it’s just a day in the life for our plumbers. What’s really cool about this is the amount of different terrains and urban landscapes these guys cross. They’re running over rooftops, scrambling up walls, destroying someone’s flower bed; it’s pretty impressive stuff to say the least.

All the running and jumping is objectively awesome, but this video wouldn’t be half as good if it wasn’t for the special effects they have going on. I love the attention to detail that they have put in with things like coins, blocks and little enemies featuring heavily.

It’s a really eye catching video and, I get the feeling that, this one is going to sit really well with members of this “Generation Y” who grew up with a Nintendo64 or whatever other fancy games box you were lucky enough to possess.

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