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Why do men cheat on beautiful women?

Kelly brook has become the latest celebrity to be publicly cheated on, despite being one of the most beautiful women in Britain. The model, actress and presenter dumped rugby player Danny Cipriani after finding a string of messages on his phone.

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This story has me thinking why do men cheat on beautiful women. I know it’s not all about looks but look at Cheryl Cole why would you trade in a girl like that for a random girl.

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So I’ve been doing some research on why men cheat … (some of the answers are ridiculous but I thought I would share them with the world)

• Looks aren’t everything
Attractive women are approached solely on their looks so men who are attracted to them can’t look past the attractiveness as a result men get bored of the looks and move on to a women who has more to offer or strengths that lie in other departments.

• Life may be too perfect.
For many men especially celebrities who have it all the idea of cheating may seem exciting and dangerous and a way a rebelling from their dull and repetitive life. I mean look at tiger woods! The billionaire cheating on his childhood sweet heart who is again beautiful with a string of sleazy messages to random women. Why I don’t know, maybe he has too much money , his wife was too pretty and their marriage was too perfect.

• Men like feeling like men,
It may be hard for some men who like be the dominate person in a relationship, they may like the feeling of having someone relying on them both financially and emotionally. So dating a women who financially independent, and successful and who may earn just as much money if not more may demaculate men as a result they feel unwanted and move on to another women who needs them.

For Ashley Cole marrying someone like Cheryl must have been hard she didn’t need him as much as these other random women did.

• Cheat before you get cheated on.
Men may be paranoid if they dating a beautiful women they may feel that she has all these options , what’s to stop her from straying let me get in their first.

• Arrogance
Some men cheat because they can. It’s that simple some men believe they feel they will get away with it or their partner will get over it. So they cheat because there is nothing to stop them.

• Friends may be a bad influence
You have the perfect girl at home but all your friends are single and have different women nightly, if a mans loyalty Is stronger to his boys than his loyalty to his lady then he will cheat and do as they do no matter how great she is.

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