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Men Who Live With Their Parents: The Ultimate Turn Off

Men who live with their parents, rarely mention it, until they absolutely have to. It’s not that they’re ashamed, because I assure you, they don’t care. It’s just tactical because they know that you might.

So they usually wait for you to have gone on enough dates, that it would be shallow of you, to break up over the “I live with my mum and dad” bomb.

You see, in the first few weeks of dating, you’ve yet to develop an emotional attachment to him and so certain things still matter to you: nice car, big penis, has his own place.

When you enter week 3 of dating however, whether you know it or not, you probably like him enough to make an excuse for any short comings you might discover from here on forth. Not only do men know this, but they rely on it, in order to get away with having sold themselves as a much bigger catch than what they actually are.

Of course they never come out and say it. You’ll just get the very subtle: “Oh I wish you could come over tonight, but my mums got family over… maybe tomorrow?”

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You try to hold back your what the f**k face and inwardly convince yourself it’s not a big deal. “I’m sure he’s saving up to move out. I’m sure he isn’t popping bottles every week. I’m sure that new Audi was a lot cheaper than he let on…”

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But of course it’s a big deal, and 3 more months down the line, you’ll realize why:

Sexy Time Always Involves The Wrong Kind Of ThreesomeMean girls mum keen condom awkward living at home with parents gif

Small Talk With His Mum Before Going Up To His Room Is The New Foreplay
Lindsey Lohan Sufficiently Awkward GIF Small talk parents mum

His Mum Keeps Feeding You & You’re Convinced It’s A Ploy To Keep You From Having Sex.Robin How I Met Your Mother Ready For Sex Bloated Food GIF

If He Ever Does Move Out, You Fear He Won’t Want A Girlfriend, But A Sexy BabysitterBeyonce cooking babysitter girlfriend gif

When He Doesn’t Want To Wake His Parents He Suggest You Move Things To His Second Home. His Car.Hell to the nizzo hell no gif

He Acts Like He’s Got Money, Even Though You Both Know Where It’s Coming From
Bankrolling groovy lifestyle parents home living money gif

Years Of Living At Home Have Given Him Chronic Man-Child Syndrome.
Man Child Get Out My Room Mum Living at home with parents turn off gif

He Invites You Round, For A Romantic Dinner. His Mum Cooks It For Him.
Will Ferrell ma the meatloaf living at home gif

You Go Round Expecting Sex And Are Met With Relatives Instead…long ass weekend no sex gif

But That’s Okay, Because You’re Pretty Sure His Family Have Permanently Put You Off Sex With Him Anyway.Grandma awkward dinner family relatives gif rude

He says this isn’t permanent and that he’s “saving up” but the new car, new shoes and new phone might be telling you otherwise.

Of course if you can see past the fact his mum still makes his bed, there are some benefits to dating a man who lives at home. Since he won’t have to worry about a mortgage or bills any time soon, he can always use some of that hard earned cash on something more exciting: you.



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