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What’s Really Going Through His Mind Whilst He’s Going Down On You?

It’s a pretty awkward place to be when you think about it, head down in between a girls thighs. A lot can go on down there, a lot except conversation. Sure you can talk dirty to each other, but actual talk is a bit of a no-no.

So with conversation off the menu we find ourselves limited to a few muffled attempts at talking dirty and the many thoughts that run through our minds.

Let me break down some of the thoughts that stay trapped in a mans head when he dives in…

1. Wow Her Body’s So Hot…Is This Really Happening?

Asap Rocky Cross Praying

Finally we’re alone and there’s no one around to cock-block me.

2. Yeahh this is really happening. Ok let’s go.

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Stay calm, dont mess this up. I REPEAT. Don’t mess this up.

3. It’s only right to take a tour of the property before you move in right?


Anyone else have a smell? Just me? Ok ignore that…Ooooh..shaven haven. Wait…does that mean she was expecting this?

4. Erm…a little bored down here now. I wonder who Arsene will start with upfront tomorrow...why is she pushing my head?

White Russian Bed Sex

5. Oh Sh*t! She’s gone silent?? What do I do now?


Damn! What do I do now, more tongue, less tongue? I have no idea what i’m doing. There should be a manual for this stuff!

6. Phew…now she’s getting into it, I can feel her legs twitching. Crisis over. YOUR BOY, IS NOW THE MAN!

Tom Hiddleston

I know her ex boyfriend didn’t make her moan like this.

7. Seriously, I’m putting in work. What was all that panic about before, chill. You’re a pro at this. 


I wonder if she can feel my beard down there…you know what, I’m gonna ask her afterwards.

8. Oh..kay. She’s enjoying this wayyy more than I expected. I always knew there was a freak behind that good girl act. I knew it.


9. Is she looking down at me? Yeah, definitely caught her looking at me.


Just got this trim yesterday, she can see the fresh shape-up, I’m on 100 right now. I definitely need to tip my barber when I see him next, for sure.

10. She came? Yep…definitely came, FINALLY!

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Thank God for that! My neck was starting to ache. I hope she doesn’t think that was it. Nooo. We’re just getting started!

A wise man once told me ‘make a girl come and she’ll do anything you want after that’. Well…this is the part when I test all that out!



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