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What Is Mens Fascination With Big Bums?

There are two types of guys; Boob Men and Bum Men.

A few years ago I would have quite easily said that Boob men were in the majority, however lately I have seen many of my male friends on Facebook like groups such as ‘bum of the day’ and ‘best bums’ and it made me think…

It seems that artist like 2 Chainz with his ‘Birthday Song’ (instant classic) and Sir Mix-a-lot with  ‘Baby got back’ (yes I did listen to it while writing this) has had an effect on the male population, and now the bootay seems to be climbing the ranks as the favourite female body part, and too right! Just look at JLo and Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian butt

So why are guys so attracted to a woman’s rear? Here are the facts:

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Let’s look at the science side of things first. Research has found that men recognize a big bum as feminine. Sex hormones dictate the distribution of fat on the body. In men, fat accumulation is stimulated around the gut. It’s the opposite for women, who tend to carry fat in their butt and thighs. So big bums essentially, like boobs, highlights the fact you are a woman, ya know, in case they weren’t sure.


In short: who wouldn’t want to follow this round all day?!


Follow the bum

They can be patted, pinched, pulled, squeezed, slapped, even bitten if you’re into that!

Guys like something to grab on to and a big bum means a whole lot of grabbing! In all honesty, the butt is just a large mass of fat that men love to play with; not much difference to breasts really!


One last word: TWERK!

Twerk shakira rihanna music video

That is all…

And so the booty is triumphant in its quest to be the biggest and the best for guys. But don’t fret if you haven’t got a big bum, not everyone it appears likes them. Guys like girls of all shapes and sizes, so embrace your ass, be it big, small, square, round, you OWN IT!

girl you better work


Just like this

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