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Miley Cyrus’ riding high at the EMA

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She’s done it again! Miley Cyrus has once again managed to spark up even controversy. She is undoubtedly a dream for entertainment bloggers/writers and now also for anyone waiting to pull a few weed related puns out of storage.

miley cyrus, xclusivetouch , smoking , weed

Last night at the European Music Awards in Amsterdam Miley decided to light up and smoke what looked like a cannabis cigarette, even if it wasn’t cannabis in it, it wasn’t a regular cigarette and the desired effects been achieved. How else was she supposed to top Twerkgate at the VMAs  back in August? I doubt simply rolling up to the EMAs and Twerking would have cut it.

miley cyrus, xclusivetouch , twerking

In just over 6 months Miley Cyrus has gone on to become one of the biggest if not the biggest names in POP at the moment. The transformation from her Disney alter ego Hannah Montana has had thousands of stories written about it and her music videos have generated millions of views.

It seems Miley has clearly cracked the formula for chart success in 2013. Chances she’ll probably still be riding high in the charts come 2014 lets just hope there’s no catastrophic break down.

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