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Millie Mackintosh in bikini picture

#MotivationMonday: The 10 Hottest Celebrity Bikini Bodies

Somehow summer is here and most of us have yet to wipe the dust of that gym membership card we signed up for this time last year.

Very few women have a naturally ‘perfect’ body to impress on a sunny beach and so when faced with ultra toned, firm, bounciness… our first reaction is jealousy. The second response of course is usually “my God I need to get back in the gym”.

With that in mind queue our top 10 bikini rocking Celebrities. From a curvaceous Kim Kardashian to an athletic looking Rihanna, these ladies work super hard (we hope), to keep their dreamy bodies fit and toned. WARNING: These photos are guaranteed to A) make you want to put down that bowl of cheesy pasta and hit the gym hard and B) book a flight to a hot and sunny destination…

1. Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian's curvy bikini body

It should really go without saying (but i’ll say it anyway), that Kim Kardashian has got one of the best beach bodies in the world of showbiz. She often tops polls for the best celebrity body and ranks highly among men’s magazines for being of one the sexiest women in the world – and we’re pretty sure her hourglass figure has something to do with it. Rumor has it that Kim achieves her amazing body by squatting and lunging – a lot.

Ladies: head on over to the exercise mats and get to it!

2. Kelly Brook
Kelly brook looks amazing in bikini body pictures

Much like Kim, Kelly Brook has also topped many polls for having the sexiest beach body. We think she’s managed this by maintaining a slim and toned physique yet keeping her curves in all the right places and er – busty to say the least.

We’re pretty sure that now Kelly is engaged to former Gladiator star and ex Royal Marines Commando David McIntosh, that her body will only get fitter and better – go Kelly!

3. Amber Rose
Amber rose shows off curves in black bikini body pic

She may have a shaved head (which some might argue is a boy-sh look), but there’s no mistaking Amber Rose’s physique as the ultimate female body.

Men want to be with her and women want to look like her and it truly isn’t hard to see why. She’s got curves in all of the right places and a deep bronzed tan to add to her dreamy look – it’s no wonder why she looks so smug in this picture…

4. Coco Austin
Coco Austin shows off curves in blue bikini body picture

Glamour Model and wife of rapper Ice-T, Coco Austin has got an incredible body! Her waist to hip ratio must be a figure that most women can only dream of having (unless you’re prepared to undertake some SERIOUS exercise, and we’re pretty sure having some good genetics wouldn’t go a miss either).

Coco often speaks out and her exercise and diet tips and even has her own Fitness blog and Youtube exercise videos. We might have to take a quick look at some of her videos to be honest…

5. Beyonce
Beyonce looks incredible in yellow bikini body picture

Since the start of her music career, Beyonce has always been known as the “curvy one” and my God those curves look good on her.

Her beach body looks curvy and feminine yet toned and fit (we can she’s showing off some serious killer abs in this picture). The beauty’s arms looked toned and firm without appearing too muscular or, masculine. We think Beyonce’s body showcases the perfect combination of fit and feminine – all hail to Queen Bey!

6. Millie Mackintosh
Millie Mackintosh in bikini picture

In a recent selfie picture that Millie Mackintosh posted on her Instagram account, the ex Made In Chelsea star gave us a snap shot of her behind the scenes photo shoot for her upcoming campaign for the skincare line NIP + FAB! And indeed, there is plenty of skin in this photo which shows all of us ladies just how slender is she (annoying).

In the last year or so, Millie has shared a lot of her diet and fitness tips – let’s hope she spills the beans a little more just in time for our holidays…

7. Lucy Mecklenburgh
Lucy Mecklenburgh looks amazing in white bikini showing off her great body

This former TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh has the perfect bikini body. She has the perfect tiny waist with washboard abs yet, all the while, still looking ultra feminine. Both men and women love her body so much that Lucy’s brought out her own fitness, health and workout video  – definitely something I will be trying very soon!

8. Michelle Keegan

The former Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan always manages to make the list when it comes to looking good. She was seen frolicking around here in the sea whilst on holiday and yes, we’d be looking happy too if we looked as good as her.

Her petite frame coupled with with super slender legs and arms alongside a rather full chest department make her the ultimate bronzed bikini godess. She’s got hard core abs and a slim waist and we’re just wondering how many times we have to hit the gym before we look like that.

9. Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Schrezinger shows off amazing body in golden bikini

Nicole never seems to be photographed looking bloated or fat or even slightly un-toned and this photo is one of many which shows off just how incredible her body is. Her super fit and toned figure might be due to all that dancing she does or for the fact that she wants to keep in the best shape possible for her on/off boyfriend formula one driver Lewis Hamilton – #just saying.

10. Rihanna
Rihanna's selfie in skimpy bikini

Everybody knows that Rihanna has a sexy body and yes – she looks even better in a bikini. She may not be as curvy as Kim or Kelly but Rih Rih still rocks her athletic and lean figure, which seems to be toned to absolute perfection.

Rihanna’s definitely showing off what Chris Brown (and Drake), are missing out on…

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