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NEW E-Shisha Craze

Smoking shisha has become one of the trendiest new activities among the hip fashionable young crowd in the UK, being a hot new alternative for smokers who still want to indulge in the trendy pastime while stain healthy and still look cool.This craze has become very popular with celebrities as well as London Party go-ers.

You can now find E-Shishas sold at all of the xclusivetouch Parties in London.

It is portable, disposable and has the amazing fruit flavours for an average of 500 puffs per E-Shisha.

This electronic shisha cigarette is ready to use allowing smokers to comfortably and legally smoke indoors, and doesn’t contain nicotine or the 4000 chemicals you would usually get in a normal cigarette, making it a healthier alternative to smoking a cigarette or shisha.



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