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nicki minaj looking zzz niggaz video shoot

NEW: Nicki Minaj Looking Ass N*gga Video!

Last week we saw Nicki Minaj upload some images onto her instagram of what we thought was a photo shoot but it turns out to be from her music video for her controversial new track, Looking Ass N*gga which is set to appear on the Young Money compilation (11th March).

nicki minaj looking zzz niggaz video shoot nicki-minaj-looking-azz-niggaz-video-shoot-1 nicki-minaj-looking-azz-niggaz-video-shoot-3

The video directed by Nabil, has sparked up quite a talk amongst social media. It’s received over 10 million views on WSHH and has received a lot of negative comments on YouTube.

nicki minaj looking azz niggas

Is this because of her over use of the offensive “N” word? Most likely, however what we need to remember and bare in mind is that by her over use of the word she is mirroring what male rappers often do when they speak of women and refer to them as  “bitches” and “hoes”.  Nicki Minaj is no more offensive, aggressive or politically incorrect then her male competition.

Her new song has caused rappers such as Cassidy and singer Trey Songz to record their own come back version. Not only has it encouraged comebacks from male rappers but also a flood of hilarious memes and gifs are circulating tumblr and instagram.

drunk in love nicki minaj looking zzz niggaz video shoot

baby boy jodi tyrese nicki minaj looking ass niggas cassidy remix

Aside from the constant curse word being the bulk of the song some will argue that it is empowering and fiery Nicki is in for a great year. Whereas others may say it’s a bunch of nonsense. As for the video itself, it is set in the desert with Nicki in a ripped body suit hugging her killer curves while she handles various AK47s staring down a man.  Be the judge yourself and share your opinions! Does the video suit the song? Leave a comment via facebook, we would love to hear your thoughts!



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