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New Years Eve What to wear & what not to wear

That time of the year is approaching us and ladies everywhere are beginning to eye up potential outfits, some already probably know exactly what they are going to wear and have their perfect outfits lined up. For those of you who have been too busy to even think about an outfit we here at xclusivetouch are here to help. Guiding you on what to wear and what not to wear this NYE.

If you are looking for a monochrome outfit try to avoid looking like a chess board. It can work for some ladies but personally I prefer to go all black or all white and emphasis on gold or silver accessories. This keeps the outfit clean and crisp and makes the accessories pop.

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If you want to stand out and go for something colourful try to stick to block colours, we don’t want to look like a fruit pastille ice lolly. Halloween was last month and it’s not summer. Colours I find flattering for a glamorous night out such as NYE are royal blue, phone box red, blood orange, forest green or grass green. Fancy names for such basic colours but you can totally visualize an outfit based on the mentioned colour schemes.  

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Thinking of wearing something patterned and on trend? I would stick to a plain outfit topped with perhaps a tartan blazer. Of course style is subjective so these outfits are based on what I have observed from magazines and fashion shows and found appealing. My opinion is to please avoid animal prints ladies, unless its in a form of a small clutch or heels, otherwise it can come across as tacky and cheap. Also try to steer clear of over whelming patterns! 

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Tired of wearing dresses? Try a two-piece suit. This can be fun to experiment with it involves high waisted bottoms and lots of cropped tops and blazers. It doesn’t necessarily have to match as sometimes finding a matching suit is hard, so you can mix and match using complimentary colours. 

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Please, please, please ladies, try to avoid the ‘skatty boots syndrome’. Or any form of skatty heels for that matter. There is nothing worse than seeing someone in an amazing outfit but their choice of footwear brings down the whole outfit. 

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It’s going to be cold, so if you do decide to bare all make sure you have a fabulous coat to warm you up.  

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