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A night to remember

How many of you guys live for the weekend? Well chances are if your reading this you probably do! So that huge night around the time of pay day(probably on it) means the world to you! 

You can just picture it
Pay day creeps every closer(agonisingly slowly) you have practically drooled at the prospect of booze fuelled night that pay weekend inevitably brings! You’ve already ordered your outfit, pre drinks have been organised with military precision all thats left to decide is where to spend you Saturday night! Its cool though, before panic sets in a message from one of the girls pops up on your phone ” Sat night is sorted babe, Johns hooked us up for Saturday, clubs amazing, he went there last week and the djs are wicked!”.
Fast forward to Saturday night and you are all excited to hit the dance floor you’re at the bottom of the street and can barely see a queue….’It could just be a bit early, least were still getting in for free’, you think as you approach the door the door lady(use expletive of choice) and qoute Johns Guestlist. The unimaginable happens and your told that you’ll have to pay cover begrudgingly you pay and make your way downstairs. To make things worse the clubs not quite what you expected it to be, there must have been some amazing photoshop trickery, your practically standing standing in a box, a half empty one at that. You’ve held out on blaming your friend for providing the ‘hook up’ up until now but your close to boiling point when the DJS warm up set is filled with karaoke hits instead of club bangers. What to do now? Well you’ve paid money to get in, don’t know anywhere else to go but it could be worse, John’s got a table and he had offered that you join his table….Wheres John? Yup you guessed it, he’s a no show! There seems to be only one way left to rescue the night queue the shots!
How often have you had that night out that just fails to deliver and ends up being a complete flop.
We say NO MORE
Having run club nights, concerts, celebrity after parties not to mention organising thousands of birthdays in past 6 years we have constantly delivered parties to remember! 
Checkout our photo gallery to see all of the happy faces(minus the posers of course)!!

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