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“Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels”. Or Does It?

The other day I came across an article titled “How Miley Cyrus Got Her Flat Stomach”. I clicked on it hoping that the opening line would be “food and lots of it”. Unfortunately not, it turns out her secret is exercise and lots of that.

Now I’m sure most people can relate when I say that my life is a constant battle between my love of food and also wanting to be skinny. That being said the only weight loss scheme I’ve ever managed to follow is the “oh my God I have a party to go to tomorrow diet”, which pretty much just involves not eating pizza on the same day that I have to wear a tight dress.

My gym instructor has tried multiple times to explain that one day a week at the gym followed by six days of almost uninterrupted eating is never going to get me Nicole Scherzinger’s butt. So Bridget Jones type sucky-in pants aside, what wins in the battle between size 6 and 6 donuts a day?

What’s more can you eat what you want and still look fabulous or must we all become spinach-smoothie-drinking-yoga-doing-calorie-counters?

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If ever there was a secret to being thin, I suppose eating less would be it. Despite all this obvious wisdom however, I’m the first to admit it… I would do almost anything to lose weight (except eat healthy and work out). Sure, I want to know how to shift that last unnecessary inch around my waist, but as soon as someone starts talking about ‘developing healthy eating habits’ the only muffin top I find myself concerned with, is the chocolate chip one I intend on having later with my tea.

I’ve sat next to friends in restaurants who spend £14.00 on a salad and I can honestly say having to watch them make their way through overpriced lettuce leaves is more of an eye sore than the extra half an inch around their waist would have been.

My advice…. order a steak, have a dessert and regret it tomorrow. If you alternate your calorie explosion and calorie wise days it eventually balances out to a something that resembles a balanced diet. In the bid to fit into your skinny jeans (and actually look skinny) the occasional squat now and then doesn’t hurt either.

Yes I went there.

If ever you were in need of exercise motivation just think to yourself that half an hour at the gym means you really can have your cake and eat it too. And what is life, without a little cake?

As for that size six waist… curvy is back in fashion anyway. So go ahead, eat the donut, just learn to stop at one. 



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