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The Holland Park blagclub is a boutique basement club that retains the delightful intimacy of Notting Hill. Characterised by its sublime Asian decor and deep seated booths, it provides a salubrious, private night club experience.

The Blagclub Holland Park prides itself on its professionalism and this is shown by the quality of its staff. The slightly more mature atmosphere in there venues brings a sense of class to anyone who walks in, allowing you to simply have a drink and chill out without a worry in the world.

Blag Club Holland Park plays a variety of music to get you on there dance floor all night. A range of RnB to the latest club hits gets played every night keeping the crowd lively and dancing all the time. You may also catch live PA’s now and then playing at the Blagclub giving it a real fresh feel to there nights.

aims to be an incredible platform for London’s clubbers.

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