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Between the Victorian elegance of Berkley Square and the Imperial magnificence of Piccadilly, Oozing with Eastern decadence and oriental opulence funkybuddha is a distinctive and well established nightclub since 2001 located in the heart of Mayfair, one of the most prestigious areas of London.

With an immersive interior design blending a modern cutting edge aesthetic with the mystical orient whilst pulling together an interesting mix of surrealism and luxury. funkybuddha impresses with the beaming neon lights of the dance floors, giant Buddha statues and multi coloured waterfalls.

The nightclub consists of a sensitive and imaginative arrangement of member’s areas, private rooms, and the main dance floor; it provides a setting that offers its guests plenty of sophistication and an important sense of exclusivity, with a cocktail list of popular classics and exciting modern alternatives and a wide range of canapé’s inspired by Far Eastern cuisine.

funkybuddha offers various membership packages to provide you with the ultimate night out experience including queue jump, corporate packages and concierge services. Having a funkybuddha membership gives you the opportunity to fully take advantage of all that they have to offer.

Perfect for those special occasions, corporate events or even just to let your hair down in an opulent fashion, funkybuddha has everything that you need and so much more!