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whisky mist

Whisky Mist opened two years ago and since opening Whisky Mist has proved that it can stand the test of time and still manages to bring it the A list crowd that are used to the high standards of VIP guestlist only nightclubs.
Membership for Whisky Mist is not essential however being on the guestlist is the only way to enter whisky mist. The door policy at whiskey mist is strict only allowing the finest looking guest through the doors. Whisky Mist is one of the more classy establishments in London and cater for a very high calibre clientele

A list stars and the tremendously wealthy turn up in force every weekend at whiskey mess. The music is fashionably cool playing the latest R&B and funky house hits for your entertainment. Inside Whisky Mist has a bachelor pad feel with stags head is littered arounds and illuminated boots surrounding the dancefloor make whiskey missed one of the more aesthetically pleasing venues in London

The Whisky Mist is the latest club produced by the same owners as the Mahiki located in Mayfair. The club is a mix of up tempo music and is a not member only club making it great for those who want a night out without worrying about guest lists and reservations.
This is not to say that you can show up late and make it in the doors however, as the slick interior dancing club is frequented by the Princes and celebrity A-listers making it the place to be. Among several of the most notable celebs to hit the dancefloor are Leonardo DiCaprio, Mischa Barton, Christina Aguilera and Chelsea.