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Rose Club

 ROSE CLUB London is one of the latest club to hit the exclusive nightclub scene in 2012. formerly the hedonistic stomping ground L’Equipe Anglaise . ROSE club is set to take over where it left of and create a brand new concept int he clubbing world in London. already Rose club has built up a fantastic reputation as the place to be seen.Rose club london

Rose club plans to rival all of the biggest club names out there and from Monday to Saturday the club is filled to capacity with one of the best crowds in London.Rose club london
Rose incorporates; a flower shop on ground level, a chic upmarket 300 capacity nightclub with state of the art Funktion-One sound system and a lighting system unique to this part of the world.

Rose club is the brain childs of the Brompton Brands who run several veues which include, whicky mist, mahiki, the punchbowl to name a few. The new venuture by nick House who as alaways will put a spin on the traditional standard ngihtclub.

Rose club has a classical twist as you will experience , trained ballerinas strut their stuff on the bar to perform alongside opera singers and string quartets. Other nice features which you will notice are oversized monopoly peice drinking vessels and a music box which is filled with Ciroc Vodka. The vibe in Rose club is exclusive it oozes sophisticationa and this topped off with reasonably priced drinks and very friendluy bar staff leaves you with a great taste.

The original concept at Rose make this new new place to be seen and if you can make it into Rose Club you will be in for a real treat. The first thing you may notice inside Rose CLub are the attractive staff who seem to have been hired similar to abercrombie and fitch all dressed immaculately in tutu style dressses and hair up in buns as they glide throughout the venue serving drinks balanced on their toes it makes for a real sight that would not look out of place at the royal ballet.

If you need any help and require a guestlist as entering the club is guestlist only then use the guestlist form below to book!

Rose has discreet black lacquered doors that open to unveil a red staircase leading down to the basement club. Ballerinas warm up and then perform intermittently throughout the evening, dancing to opera, classical and dance music.

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