Table Booking Guide

Table Booking Guide

Booking a table is the best solution for ensuring your
birthday is a good one, it allows fast access inside the venue and works
out cheaper if you all chip in to book one.

•    On arrival you will receive a queue jump at the door and be escorted to your table after processing your entrance.

•   The minimum spend is paid on arrival.

The waitress will provide you with a menu, from the menu you are able
to choose what spirit or champagne bottles you would like to purchase to
achieve your minimum spend

•    Photos will be taken when you are partying on your table and will be published on our fanpage.

•    Tables
can either be booked before hand or booked on the night, we recommend
booking before hand to guarantee a table as we sell out very quickly

•    Cupcakes and cakes are allowed in the venue if you have a table.