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Is this the perfect body

To me, 2013 is the year of the Gym.
Since late 2012, people were suddenly into this fitness thing! Constantly posting pictures of their healthy diets and accomplishments on leg day on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Everyone suddenly had a gym membership and was so proud of their body changes that they just had to let the world know. There is of course nothing wrong with getting into a healthy lifestyle but the constant presence of seemingly “perfect bodies” seemed as though if you weren’t in the gym twenty four seven, then there was something wrong with you.

Although both men and women get involved with the gym, you don’t tend to see as much body envy from guys as you do from girls. Of course there are guys who might look at a next man and think, “Those biceps are a bit emotional still,” and put a few extra kgs on the weight bar, but it’s the female bodies that are the real interest. This isn’t exactly new, I mean, we’re females, our bodies are amazing naturally but the image of the perfect body for females is always up for debate.

We know that there are of course the main body types in terms of dressing:

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Obviously there are multiple variations within these body types so how would you determine which one is the most attractive? It would be easy to say hourglass right? Big bust, small waist and big hips and ass but there are athletic girls, runners and the like who have banana bodies and they are sexy as hell! Our definition of beauty and perfection in the female body is always going to be a preference. What I may find attractive on myself (or not attractive in most cases) isn’t what someone else would necessarily find attractive or none attractive about me. Because of this fluidity in opinion, how can a true definition of perfection be made?

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We are constantly showered with provocative images of women with big bums so that has to be what makes a female body perfect. You have the Kim Kardashian’s, Amber Rose’s and Nicki Minaj’s of this world walking around with Baby got Back as their theme tune, apparently living the perfect body dream. These are the women that are fawned over and sometimes envied by women because of the attention they receive from men. This may not all be good attention mind you, (think King of Diamonds or some other decadent rap music video) but to be thought of as alluring can always be desirable. Everyone wants to feel sexy and appreciated and if it seems that having a big bum is the answer to this attention, then a lot of women may feel to conform to this.

My brother’s girlfriend is European and is always complaining about her lack of ass and thin lips. She envies my mum and I for something we were born with (not that I have a big booty). On the other hand, I’m always complaining to her about her long head of silky hair that I have to buy in bundles of 16 or 18 inches! I digress…the point is, when she and I talk about female ailments, there are always things that we are going to like about others that we cant necessarily have for ourselves, unless you want to pay thousands on cosmetic surgery.

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I think that no matter your body type or shape, the general consensus that everyone can agree on is a flat stomach. Ass, no ass, breasts or no breasts, everyone wants a toned stomach so they can fit into that little black body con dress and have no bulges on the front and the sides. Or for guys who want that sculpted stomach so they can walk around Hyde Park in the summer time looking like a tall glass of melted chocolate, or any other flavour you may like!

Other than this general appreciation of the flat stomach, there is absolutely no such thing as a perfect body. Whatever body we wish to achieve for ourselves is the body that is perfect to us. Men are always going to have preferences and us ladies can be prone to a bit of muscle on a guy but don’t let these commercial ideas of beauty make you change yourself into it.



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