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tazs angels bblu ab beyonce twerk super bowl lap dance

Beyonce gets a lapdance from a Tazs angel!? Photoshop game ain’t no joke!

Photoshop making b*tches act crazy. Got the Taz’s Angels uploading fake ass pics of themselves and Queen B.

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It was allegedly taken at a Super Bowl after party, the Taz’s angel seen to be twerking on Ms. Yonce is Annabel peep the video below of her twerking to WOP.

Had me thinking since when did Bey phuck with yo asses.

Now it hasn’t been confirmed that the photo is photoshopped but the lighting is iffy and we know Bey ain’t no Rihanna. Sure she does like to get down at times but I mean she can barely stand Kimmy Kardash, let alone these high end escorts with no furniture in their mansion…

tazs angels bad bitches link up bblu who is taz escorts party girls no furniture

If you don’t know who these girls are, check their instagram account. They are high end “party girls” in Miami who also have a clothing line “Bad Bitches Link Up” ror “BBLU”. Although I still don’t know who ‘Taz’ is to be honest. They’re hot though so who cares who Taz is.

tazs angels bblu annabel ab

tazs angels bblu bad bitches link up hotties girls party miami annabel ab cat



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