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Why being a promoter can change your life

Why being a promoter can change your life

Where would clubs be without club promoters? They’re the middleman between the ravers and the clubs. They save partygoers from wasting money and they stop clubs being empty. They control the club scene.

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I’m sure we’ve all been bored and wondered where do we go, what events are on. I take a chance on a random bar and it usually turns out badly. I need to know what kind of music is playing, the crowd, the atmosphere information a flyer can’t give me. This is where promoters come in.
I have turned to promoters hundreds of times when I wanna know the best club of the night.

How would you like to be the person who people go to in there hour of need?

Being a student times are hard, you spend your loan in the first few weeks and retail is too much hard work.
Being a promoter is the perfect opportunity to earn some extra money and still have a good time. What other job would allow you to meet new people everyday, organize events, party and still get pay.

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What more being a promoter will look great on your CV and you’ll gain skills that are valuable to employees. Being in charge of who comes in to clubs will be to club has a great deal of responsibility and can effect the way he business operates. As well as this advance promoters take advantage of social media. Using social media to promote yourself and the club requires you to learn marketing skills that will help you any almost any field of work. Gaining social skills and leering to adapt the way you talk to different people is a skill that can be taken anywhere.
Negotiating with clubs is also an aspect of being a promoter. Clubs will give to a percentage but you have to earn it. Selling yourself, and thinking what can you offer these clubs that other promoters cant? What is your unique selling point? Being a promoter requires you to multitask, making sure the night runs smoothly, organizing the entertainment , music and the crowd to ensure the night is a success.

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