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Promoters you need to know or avoid

Promoters you need to know and avoid

Xclusivetouch have been running for over 7 years and have come across some of the best and worst promoters in the industry. We thought it would be a good idea, to outline the key differences between promoters and what typical stereotypes to avoid;

Promoters you need to know

Information – When a promoter tells you to wear shoes, or bring i.d . Follow them rules because they are looking out for you and making sure no problems happens before the night. Good promoters will always be honest about the music, dress code and type of event

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Friends – After a while using the same promoter for a long time will also become a friend, so they are most likely not going to let you down and always do favours for you in the near future.

Out the box – good promoters have drive and ambition they don’t just sit around the table all night, checking girls, drinking from bottles all night. They have unique events that makes them different from other average promoters.  eg parties abroad, one off special events and halloween.

Attitude – good promoters dont have to be sleezy or have to make sure everyone is totally wrecked at the end of the night. Main goal is to make sure everyone has a good time and the night is remembered.

Birthday – if its your birthday and you are celebrating with a good promoter he/ she will make sure it is a good one, They will make sure your birthday is memorable.

Promoters to avoid

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Talking Porkies – Sometime the excitement of being in a nightclub and thinking your the shit for the evening can actually get to promoters head. They seem to automatically think they are P.Diddy for the night and making up utter bull shit, by telling people in the club they either own a share in the nightclub or they are the biggest promoter in the world. But they are actually just a sub promoter that brings 10 guests to the nightclub and pretends he bought the free bottle of booze that is giving to him. So best to avoid promoters that chat rubbish because you end up listening to rubbish all night and end up believing all the rubbish.

Right information – some promoters have no idea what they are promoting best to stay away from promoters you are not sure what music they are playing at their event. An Rnb lover will not survive in a Techno event. 

Busy – worst thing about going to some club nights there is a chance it may be completely empty . So when a promoter tells you their night is rammed to the rim arrive early you are bit unsure if he is being honest or the club is so empty he needs bodies in the venue asap.

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