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Quality Over Quantity: One Good Girl Is Worth A Thousand B*tches

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I know what you’re thinking. Yes, it’s a Kanye quote and yes, I know he’s not exactly the best person to take advice from at times. Trust me I know, I’ve paid good money to watch this man stop a concert and rant for half an hour. Every now and again though, in between the crazy rants and bold claims (he’s a god, if you didnt know), he drops a gem like this one.

You’ve gotta look at things from his perspective to fully understand where he’s coming from. If you’re a multi-platinum, Grammy-award winning millionaire worth $120 million, it’s safe to assume you’ve had your fair share of women in the past, right? Ok, maybe not a thousand, but more than anyone currently reading this, thats for sure. If Kanye believes “the one” is worth more than a thousand others, who are we to disagree?

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Even if she’s famous mainly because of a sex-tape and practically half of the world has seen her as intimately as he has, if he’s decided she’s his “good girl”, then I guess she is. Even if her ex-boyfriend starts indirecting you both on Twitter, it’s irrelevant. Even if the same ex pops up, ridiculing you and rapping about how he “Hit It First”, she’s not his anymore, she’s your good girl and no one can tell you otherwise.


Don’t let popular culture confuse you ladies, we don’t think all women are hoes and we don’t think “these girls/hoes ain’t loyal”, cos we’ve all met some that are. We have mothers, sisters and close female friends that we love and respect, there’s not a man alive that really believes all girls are untrustworthy.

Sometimes the relationships just don’t work out and in between looking for the right one again we do the macho thing and go back to the pretending.

You can guarantee the same A$AP wannabees in the club screaming “I love bad b*tches that’s my f*cking problem” will be the first to complain about a girl smoking, not being able to cook, partying a lot etc.

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Hip-hop taught us to say “F*ck bitches, get money”  but real life teaches us that guys spend one constantly trying to get the other, it’s all a big contradiction in the end. Right now, I wouldn’t take all the posturing and posing from guys seriously.

A quote from author Peter McWilliams “What’s more important – your goal, or others opinions of your goal?” is something we all need to ask ourselves. Somewhere along the line Kanye found his answer and even if we all see things completely different to how he does, you have to admire that. He wanted to find a wife that would make him forget all the women of the past and start a family and he’s gone and done just that.

So whilst men may love the idea of sleeping with hundreds of women the truth is that eventually we’ll get bored of it and look to settle down with that one good girl even if she has starred in an adult movie.



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