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R.I.P Hannah Montana hello Twerking Miley Cyrus

R.I.P Hannah Montana

We all know as time goes on people change and get older but going from being Hannah Montana the innocent country girl to some wild women rubbing up herself on stage at the VMA’s. Wow i think we can surely say that Miley Cyrus is no longer a child. She clearly wanted to prove that at the VMA’s. Unless Miley has clearly gone mad, or was drunk I don’t know what is going through this ladies head in the process. I couldn’t help but laugh when i see all this but it was only amount of time.

Her performance with married Robin Thicke, thrusting her foam thing up on herself and grinding her booty on him didn’t seem to bother him at all but oh my did it shock others. It’s understandable that she is no longer a little girl anymore and possibly wanted to prove that, but come on you don’t need to be grinding up on some married man and be dressed basically naked to prove that. Every lady knows that

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Not everyone was comfortable with how she performed on stage as the Smith family was screened stunned at how she carried herself on stage. Taylor swift wasn’t to happy with her antics on stage either. Many celebs in the audience was shocked. As Miley was known as a disney girl, singing her own country songs now I think the world knows that it’s RIP Hannah and hello sexy mamma MC.

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My own opinion on this frantic outburst I personally feel to say to her crack on but tone it down a bit. Everyone has a wild side it’s healthy but theres a time and place for them kind of movements and she should bare in mind that she has young fans, and if she didn’t want to stay as Hannah Montana then why become her in the first place. This is were celebrities go wrong. They need to think about how they got into the lime light and then think ahead of their career. I have nothing against Miley, she looks like she’s having fun but those young fans of hers may turn into haters or stay followers and the question is now would you want your 10 year old following up on her movements at their age. She’s a role model and I think Miley forgot about that, like many other celebrities.

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