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The Real Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Will Swerve

It’s official ladies, men are scum bags. It’d be fair to say most women would agree with this if the countless tweets and status updates taking over my social media pages are anything to go by.

Now of course not EVERY single guy out there will end up doing the dirty on you, but how many women could be certain that if the opportunity presented itself your man would turn the down another girls advances.

You see men are simple creatures, some guys may argue liking a variety but it really only comes down to three things.

1. You’ve Been Doing Surfboard All Wrong

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It goes with out saying that the early stages in a relationship are filled with romance and passion, you can barely keep your hands of each other. Fast forward 3 months into the relationship and at best sexy time has been to reduced to a pretty tame session once a week. Your take on ‘serfboard’ doesn’t even involve a bath or riding any waves, it’s about as stiff though.

2. You Live Your Life By Drake Lyrics

drake sweat pants hair tied chilling with no make on

Lies, Lies, Lies. Unfortunately not all women are blessed with the natural beauty that the pop stars, models and video vixens that Drake is dating and presumably thinking of when writing these lyrics.

Call me shallow but how tempted would you be to exchange numbers with the hottie at the bar if whenever you turned up to out house and found us with a weekends worth of stubble, gym shorts, a curiously stained white T and a ps4 controller in hand?

3. He Thinks He’s Due An Upgrade

let me upgrade you beyonce gold lips

You remember the thirsty tweets you sent out back in October the ones in which you were pining for someone to cuddle up to? Well those tweets ended up with Derek sliding into your DMs which you going on several dates. The start of happy relationship you think? Ummm…No. If you’re confused just have a read of our previous blog You’re Fit But You Post Selfies Every Second To Get Attention From The Wrong Men 

Derek spent the winter going H.A.M in the gym and actually fulfilled his new years resolutions of getting himself that new job in. His ego is now obviously on 100 and with him having only been after one thing from the get go (please read above) it won’t be long till he starts roaming pastures new in search for an upgrade.



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