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lady gaga photoshopped versace ad campaign

What They Really Look Like: Celebrities Without Photoshop

We’ve all seen what they look like in the pages of our favourite magazines, but how do celebrities look before the Photoshop experts have had a chance to work their magic on their bodies and faces?

For a long time now we’ve been told not to rely on those stunning pictures of perfection that land on the cover of every single glossy magazine nor the images of beauty that are printed across pretty much every billboard come across on the street.

Reason being? Because even the most beautiful of celebrities aren’t – well, that beautiful in real life.

Want proof? Proof is in the pictures and we’ve got them… Sit back and give a big sigh of relief as you embark upon a select few celebrity images which serve as a reminder that no one is as perfect as you may think…

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian Photoshopped image in black sexy corset

Although she’s famously known for her killer body – topping most polls for having the best female body in showbiz, Kim’s ample curves have been re-touched ever so slightly on her legs, waist, arms and her bust making her look slimmer than she actually is.

What happened to the phrase: “Cushin for the pushin”? We still love you and your body in the ‘before’ picture Kim…

Lady Gaga
lady gaga photoshopped versace ad campaign

One of the latest celebrity victims of photo shopping is seen here in Lady Gaga’s new ad campaign for Versace. And let’s just say, the before and after photos are quite literally – shocking.

Not only does the ‘after’ photo resemble more of Donatella Versace herself than Lady Gaga, it shows Gaga’s face and entire body airbrushed – getting rid of those nasty bruises on her knees (we won’t ask) and giving her face a more youthful, glowing tinge.  Even the handbag that Gaga is holding has been given a magic touch of re-touching making it look more er purple – ish…

Britney SpearsBritney photoshopped in pink bikini photo shoot

This swimwear photo shoot showcases Britney’s athletic and youthful body in this pretty and pink bikini.

As listed above, her cellulite and tattoo have been removed and her bottom was made to look smaller in the final version of the photo. Though to be fair to Britney, it is only in comparison to the after photo, that you even notice a smidgen of cellulite on her legs.

Madonna photoshopped to look younger

Although she may be the Queen of Pop, Madonna is certainly not the Queen of youthful looks in this before photo.

The after photo shows Madge’s face has been airbrushed, her hair and eye colour have been enhanced to look richer, and her boobs – they look like they’ve had a little lift too as they’re looking much more bouncy in photo number two…

Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks before and after photoshop

Although she was a former runway model, even Tyra gets a little helping hand from the Photoshop wand. At first glance, both photos may seem alike but there are small subtle changes from the before to the after image.

On it’s own, the after photo screams au-natural but that is not really the case. The after photo shows Tyra with darkened eyebrows, lips and accentuated high cheek bones making her look that extra bit more youthful and modelesqueThere’s also a shadow effect on the creases of her nose making it look smaller and yes – her eye colour has been changed from Brown to Green.

Take this as a reminder that even so-called models aren’t perfect.

And Finally…

Take what you will from these before and after photos but next time you’re powering through the endless pages of celebrity cuttings, remember this: there’s more than meets the eye to those glittering images that catch your attention in the glossy pages of those magazines…

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